Creative Wedding Photography with Paige & Richard

Following my move to the bustling streets of Moseley in Birmingham it was just a short drive to Nottingham to capture the vibrant wedding day of Paige and Richard. 

The couple really set an example of not letting a bit of rain ruin their wedding day. Paige being a photography graduate, was such amazing fun and game to hitch up her skirt and explore the wilderness in the name of capturing some creative and spirited wedding photos.

I had the pleasure of working with the very talented Kathryn Edwards Photography, with 7 years experience in wedding photography, she taught me a thing or two about staying chilled and letting the creative moments develop organically, as well as being a top lady to spend the day with. It was a real pleasure. 

Calling all creative Birmingham brides on the look out for a creative wedding photographer to capture their spirited wedding day please.  And speaking of every day being a school day it turns out that sitting backwards on the toilet is the best way for a bride to handle things. Paige was kind enough to turn around for a kick photo :)