Curious Rose Wedding Photography 2018

I LOVE people. Getting to know the couples as much as I can is really important to me, and I have been lucky enough to hang out with my couples on a practice shoot and often again for a drink and a giggle before their big day. Finding out what they are about as a couple and then seeing their vision evolve and grow as we get closer to the date is really where the magic sparks. 

Curious Rose wedding photography has been a slow grower, which for me has worked beautifully, allowing me to find my place in this busy market, an exploration which I can see will continue and evolve as I grow the business.

My couples, although perhaps different in style are united by common values. They are best friends, they have fun together and their marriage is as much about uniting two groups of family and friends as it is the union of the two of them. I enjoy being a fleeting third wheel at points along their journey to 'I do' or 'I will'. They embrace the parts of tradition that celebrate these values but are not afraid to leave the bits out which don't mean anything to them. 

The Brides....OH my brides. I love them, their beauty, their sparkle, their willingness to hitch up their skirt and walk through some long grass, their balls to do their own hair or tell their bridal party to bugger off and give them an hour of peace on their wedding morning, their nerve to stand up and say some heart felt words with the speeches and the bravery to have 8 bridesmaids or no bridesmaids. Most of all they just do it all the way they want to.

My Grooms...well they're just equally ace. They're not afraid to show just how much they love their partners and speak from the heart in front of a big audience. At the same time they know when to lovingly draw a line. They love a bromance and don't feel shy about looking pretty dam sharp themselves for the day. They have their thing, whether it's the music, the perfectly shaped and styled hat rim or the particular tartan used on the waistcoats, that makes the wedding as much theirs as their partners.    

Lastly, this wouldn't express the love I'm feeling for my top notch couples without mentioning their Wedding Guests. They are there to celebrate, like really celebrate, they understand that this knot of a union brings strength to them and they need to bring strength right back. They completely beat the drum that all these great people are being brought together to strengthen the love, compassion and kindness in the world that we all need to just make more of.  

So a big thank you to all the brides and grooms, grooms and grooms, brides and brides that have chosen to work with me so far and have been all about the magic and the sparkle. And to all those top notch couples that are looking for a wedding photographer and are all about warmth, spirit, romance, beauty of their celebration and looking for someone to capture a real and honest party to celebrate all of this great stuff, please have a look at my work and if you like what you see get in touch for a 2018 wedding or even a last minute 2017 one!

Best, Laura xxx 

Some Top notch weddings 

Charlie & James

Fiona & Matthew

Elise & Cory