Artistic Wedding Photography

Can wedding photography be art? What is art...and before you know it we've entered into an incredibly complex debate that I'm not ready to take on in this blog quite yet. However 'Artistic wedding photography' is what I keep coming back to when describing what Curious Rose Wedding Photography is about.

What I do know and believe is that there is a way to be artistic and live artistically that doesn't require people to paint pictures. Art is about beauty so to me, wedding photography that expresses beauty, true whole hearted celebration, love, romance, magic and sparkle is artistic. Then there's the anti-astablishment nature of the artist, to shock, to push boundaries of what is expected, that spirit and truth which I have come to love to see in my couples. I am only too aware that this type of photography can only be achieved with the right couple. Like the BFG catching dreams, he can't work his magic without those dreams to catch. Artistic wedding photography can certainly not be produced without an artistic couple, and I say this with fear as many beautiful friends of mine don't recognise the artist within them. But what I mean when I call out to artistic couples is their appreciation for beauty and all those magic words that encapsulate beauty, that's the Yin and the Yang is that little bit of confidence and spark they have to do it how they want and follow their heart when it comes to planning their day. The realness that allows them to pull a face on their wedding day and get the bottom of their dress dirty in the name of a mini wedding adventure. This produces an artistic wedding....which is the idea I'm exploring in the term 'artistic wedding photography.'

I have been lucky enough to make some fabulous matches when it comes the couples I have been asked to capture so far. It means that I can't stop shooting throughout the day, I laugh, I get welled up at the speeches, shed a tear when I see the bride for the first time in her dress, and truly buzz off the beauty and art of the day which most importantly translates to the couples happiness with what I deliver, which is obviously my main goal! 

So following my thoughts for this week. Once again engaged couples of 2017, looking for an artistic wedding photographer to capture the art of their day....please do take the time to look through my portfolio and if you like what you see please enquire.

It will be a real pleasure to work with you. 

Best, Laura