Relaxed & Creative Wedding Photography in Birmingham, London & worldwide

Relaxed Creative & Romantic Wedding Photography by Laura

What is making me really happy at the moment is happy wedding couples, that come to me because they want relaxed, creative and romantic wedding photography and then they see the results and they say things like "unbelievable." 

The results show in the photos when the match is right is magic just magic.

I am so excited by the wedding couples that are now my friends, and happy customers and the ones coming up. I continue to strive to make better connections with my couples, and improve the service that I offer.

So whether you need Birmingham wedding photography (this is home), London wedding photography, or wedding photography anywhere in the UK or worldwide and you know that you want photography that melts into your day and is relaxed and as vibrant as you are I'm your girl. 


And here is the beginnings of the Curious Rose Wedding Planning Guide... 



This is certainly NOT a how to but information from frequently asked questions so you can think properly about what suits you.  And we can have a flexible rubbery plan to work around. 

There are no dos and don’ts about a Curious Rose Wedding, "labels are for jars" not people and your days are all different. I have captured weddings when the couple get ready together, arrive together, have no aisle and no family photos and then others that tick all the traditional boxes. It’s about doing what you are comfortable with and it will always be conducted in a relaxed & flexible way, sometimes altered by the mood or weather of the day.  

When we meet for a drink we will discuss these things and then about a month before the wedding I will send you ‘final wedding’ details in which we will confirm them.


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I arrive approx. an 1.5 hours before you plan to leave. I ask that you create an environment in which you are happy to be photographed, as I interfere minimually with the surroundings. I lOVE the beauty in all the normal, real & honest moments.

Think light spaces when possible, but an environment which you are happy & relaxed in is more important. 

Think good music, the right snacks & deal out these jobs to who you have getting ready with you. They will want to help.


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If you want photos of you both getting ready, I would suggest either getting ready at the same place, or asking for a second shooter.  Even at the ‘final details’ time, this can sometimes be arranged if you change your mind.

A second shooter is relatively a small extra cost and gives you more coverage of guests & times of the day that I can’t be at- please enquire if this is something you might want, it adds approx +200 crafted images.


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Be ready approx 1/2 hour before you plan to leave, this gives enough time to get relaxed photos of you and anyone special that you’ve got ready with before we leave for the ceremony.

I direct you to nice light and a nice backdrop, the more you concentrate on just being present the better. When in doubt take a deep breath & look at a loved one, your flowers or yourself. I’ll ask if I want you to look down a lens.


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Sometimes I leave for the ceremony a little before and I will introduce myself to whoever is conducting the ceremony about any structure they prefer. I find a good spot to capture the ceremony. I will move about a few times quietly during the ceremony but don’t take too many photos, definitely ignore me at this stage!

You will generally given the chance for the signing of the register photo, which I keep brief & informal or not at all. Guests arriving is another great time for a second shooter.


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This is the first time you see your guests, that first half an hour is such a lovely time for elation and celebration. Traditionally if you want to throw some confetti this would be the time, brief a bridal party member about this and we will boss guests about together and make some magic.

We can create a confetti tunnel or stand you in the middle of your guests, there are glitter canons too or not at all. Some venues will also give you rules about where you can throw this. 


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The time between the end of the ceremony until when you sit down for food is where people often allow less time than is sometimes required. 2 hours allows time for celebration, time for drinks and time for some 

informal formals super comfortably.  You will confirm  4-6 groups (I can help with suggestions for this) on your ‘final details’ form.  Then on the day me and a nominated member of your wedding party will gather up somewhere outside and pretty at the ceremony or reception venue.


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I LOVE to take the wedding party, any 

bridesmaids & groomsmen away to somehwere slightly futher a field &/or then just the two of you to steal a moment away from the crowd. And only 20minutes is enough.

It’s creating these moments that capture some cracking photos when you are geniuely getting to be away with the chosen ones and enjoying a moment in a nice setting to take a breath and ground yourself. 


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We’ll have done this on our pre meeting. And you will trust that the more you can concentrate on each other, enjoy the moment the more natural and meaningful the images will be.  

If in doubt, look at each other, put your hands on each other, talk about something trivially wonderful, or just be. I will tell you when I need you to move & when I need you to look at enjoy. 


relaxed creative Birmingham wedding photography

When you are away you can trust that your guests are having a fab old time, drinking & getting to know each other so there’s little rush & I’ll be keeping an eye on the time. 

Again a key 2nd shooting time, to capture details and guests just chilling. 

Sometimes a Master of Ceremonies or a notminated loud guest then announces you into the room.


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It’s really up to you which comes first. Some of the speakers just want to get it out the way so it’s nice to let them enjoy their food. You can even weave the speeches in between courses.

This is when I sit down and have some food, please make sure your caterers know this and allow the time for me to jump into the speeches.


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When the light is setting on your wedding day to be in it can just feels totally magical. Obviously this totally depends on the British weather and the time of year. 

We can work out when this golden hour will be and decide if it sits with your day comfortably for some photos.


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Generally I think this is totally nuts but I do love any opportunity to bring everyone togethe, again the photos are incredibly informal.

You both plus a cake, a knife and an audience. 


relaxed creative Birmingham wedding photography

This is when I work until officially but usually hang around for a little party action until I clock off & have been known to have a drink and a dance :)