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Curious Rose Wedding Photography

By Laura 

Curious Rose wedding photography broken down, formed from the positive words I hear a lot from clients. Coming towards the end of 2017, it's a good time to reflect and shout out to future Curious Rose Type couples so we find each other...


The most important thing to me is that the photography adds to the magic of your day. It's all about capturing and sometimes creating all those magical moments and feels that you will want to remember and cherish. The moments are always very natural and when not, we laugh and move on!

My motto is "Labels are for Jars", and we will work collaboratively to create a bespoke plan that flexibly melts around your day to suit your individuality as a couple. THE best photos I take are of people happy, relaxed, being themselves in the moment.

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Fiona & Matthew

"Laura was absolutely fantastic – she completely understood what we wanted and captured all those special moments throughout the day. We loved her relaxed style and calm approach on the day too, that really helped to relax us both and enjoy the day without being aware that Laura was there."


I LOVE working like this, people are my motivation and I thrive on that supportive role and am there to offer a calm and relaxed presence if/when required. Although you may hardly notice me :)

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Sarah & Rob

"Her photography style is so unique, it captures everything about the day we wanted for the romantic, relaxed yet intimate wedding we had organised.

In the nicest way I hardly saw Laura in the day, with her taking the photos without being obtrusive and we could relax and enjoy the day knowing Laura was capturing all elements and results were stunning. 

I can’t say enough good things, highly recommended and just a lovely, fun and trustworthy person to have alongside your nearest and dearest for what was a dream day. Thank you Laura.



There are no dos and don’ts about a Curious Rose Wedding. We will get creative...I have captured weddings when the couple get ready together, arrive together, have no aisle and no family photos and then others that tick all the traditional boxes. It’s about doing what you are comfortable with and thinking creatively so our photography plan suits you as individuals. It will always be conducted in a relaxed & flexible way, sometimes altered by the mood or weather of the day.  

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Becca & Paul

"We are so happy we found Laura! From the first meeting we just hit it off immediately, her kind fun and relaxed attitude is exactly what you'd want from someone who will be sharing and capturing your wedding day. Our photos are natural, creative and hilarious and her eye for the little details is spot on. You know you've found the right photographer when you highjack their camera and they get stuck in having a boogie at the end of the night! Bex and Paul x"

My background is art and am am incredibly passionate about the importance of creativity in the way we live and express ourselves. I photograph and edit artistically, always trying to capture more than the visual experience but the fun, vibrance and romance of you both. This is so much more than capturing one day, I'm looking for the love, the stories, the other relationships and celebrations of love and life that makes these days SO mega special and significant.  

Romantic & Vibrant...

Romantic & Vibrant are two other lovely words that I have heard in reference to my photography style which are just wonderful. 

Romantic, I think a couple feeling comfortable around me and present of their wedding day is what enables me to capture romance. When people are relaxed, happy and elated it just seems to come out and I'm there to catch it which is just magic. It's all the tiny moments, the thoughtful gestures, the meaningful relationships that I understand.


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Elise & Cory

"One of the best tips of advice for our wedding was to get a photographer who gets you. Laura did just that. Furthermore her brilliant way of connecting with both ourselves and our guests in a relaxed manor made for captures of timeless un-staged, in the moment photographs.

These incredible documentary style photographs are true gems that were exactly what we were wanting.

Thank you dearly, you are one talented lady."

Vibrant...I LOVE colour...particularly GOLD. It's so expressive, the colours you choose for your day are so expressive of who you are. I believe I edit photos to express how I see and feel the day. 

Laura is also a lovely person...

Well this is nice to hear. The only thing I love more than creativity and photography is people. They are my motivation to create and this all started by photographing the hell out of  my friends and family, who really are the most important thing in my life, I am so proud of my relationships.

I hear a lot comments of how much I engage with clients, I practice yoga and meditation to be calmer, more present, positive and full of love to help the people around me. So I guess that helps....MOST of the time. You'll be glad to know I swear and have bad days, but I genuinely get such joy getting to know the people I work with and supporting them and enhancing a really special time in their lives. 

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Michaela & Russell

"We had an engagement shoot a few months before the wedding and Laura made us feel so comfortable and got some great photos without us really feeling like we were posing. On the day Laura blended in to the wedding and a lot of the time you didn't even realise she was taking photos! She is also a lovely person and all our guests commented on how lovely she was which puts everyone at ease. We are so happy with the photos and would recommend Laura a million times!"

If you think you are a Curious Rose Couple then lets chat...

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Hello...I'm Laura 

Labels are for Jars. And we're not Jars. We will work collaboratively to create a photography plan that melts beautifully around the magic of your day.