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Final Details Questionnaire

Not long to go...final details please

Here is your chance to confirm your final details. We’ll go with the flow on the day but it's helpful to have a rubbery plan that moulds around your day comfortably so you can forget about me and have a fabulous day!   

Any addresses that I will go to Wedding Preparation/ Ceremony/ Reception Including postcodes please.
Where, when and for what?
Where, when and for what?
Where, when and for what?
Useful Contact Numbers
Confirm your contact numbers and another couple of useful contacts for the day.
Informal formals....Any groups to capture in addition to the below Recommended no more than 2/3 extra Bride & Groom Bride & Groom Bride & Bridal Party Groom & Groomsmen Bride & Bridal Party & Groom & Groomsmen Altogether Bride/Groom & Brides family Bride/Groom & Grooms family Group Shot (optional)
Timings & Details?
Key Times and plans for the day
I arrive 1.5 hours before you leave for the ceremony
Time and how will you be travelling?
Any other important details about the ceremony?
Where? And for how long? This is usually when we do 30mins formals and couple photos too
Time and any details?
Time & Details?
Time & details?
Do you want to do this, where & when?
So I know important details to capture and can credit others when sharing any images, please share supplier names/websites?
I'm here if you need me and call to discuss the above if anything is unclear :)