Bryde | Creative Musicians Portraits Brixton London

I have had the pleasure to work with this electric guitar playing badass a few times now and our collaborative portrait sessions have moved from strength to strength. Sarah always has a very clear creative vision and knows how she wants to represent her brand and we work collaboratively together to bring that vision to life with a Curious Rose style. Best of all we create a relaxed portrait session that generally involves hanging out, eating well and having a sneaky drink in the process. 

If you haven't listened to her music already, do. She has a strong, fierce and powerful sound with hints of Nivarna and then a soft, whimsical & feminine touch which echoes Bjork vibes. Simply beautiful....and watch this space for this  

Loving our creative portrait sessions. And extra chuffed to get an image from our latest shoot we did in Brixton, London getting featured in Q magazine!!

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Best wishes all!! Laura xx 


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