LAURA & KAMIL | The coolest Koople in Hackney

Although I now living in Birmingham, being an ex East London resident, I always love an excuse to stomp around coffee shops in Hackney. Laura & Kamil are just PEACHY and I cannot WAIT to shoot their wedding in just just a few weeks Clapton Country Club. To get ready they took me on a third wheel date around East London to practice some relaxed, alternative wedding photography.

Those who know me well know that the company of a great couple brings me soooo much joy, these guys are the cream of the crop.

My 3rd Wheeling (Practice Shoot, pre meeting). Gives us a chance to hang out, have a drink, get to know my couples, how they interact and get them used to how I conduct my relaxed photography style. It's really about bringing the GOLD out in each; however that looks and understanding we're all different.  

We take some photos, I send them a couple of weeks later and by the wedding day they can just relax and enjoy, without thinking about photos too much about what I'm doing. It builds the TRUST and establishes the exact tone for the day wonderfully. Plus who doesn't love a good date?