Capturing the spiritual wonder that is yoga....ummmm....thanks Anand, I do love a creative challenge when it comes to portrait photography.

These shots were predominantly to promote her music. Anand is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and radiates a calm positive presence but is still is grounded enough to experience all the challenges as us normal human beings. 

I personally go to yoga not just for strength but also for a bit of guidance and after hanging out with this wonderful women I certainly felt like I was on the right tracks so I wanted to express this greatness through the portraits.

We used the shoot as an opportunity for her to create a library of images which tells her audience a bit about her. Plus some documented photos to cherish, of her lovely family too which is a big part of her story. 

What she said


"Really artistic and enthusiastic photographer, who can capture both inner and outer beauty on camera, which is a gift. Highly recommended."


Get to know this lovely lady a little more.....visit here.