NESSIE & NIC NAC Fabulous Gitterati Thirty Party

Nic & Nessie high fived their 30th birthdays in style by throwing a fabulous Glitterati Party. They set the bar high for future celebrations & made me eager to capture more of these special moments, two fingers up to only hiring a photographer on your wedding day hey? 

An artistic photographers dream; set at the wonderful eclectic London venue, Dalston Boys Club. Martha generously invites special guests into her home for similar creative events, including weddings. The space is full of all her wonderful & whimsical possessions, a burning log fire can be organised too and some carefully selected jazz music which all went perfectly with the glamorous & glittery theme of the party. To top it all off more magical moments were whizzed up by the truly amazing and talented Max Magic on this cold November night.

We will remember the 5th of November this year. 


Venue Hire: