Hello I’m Laura. 

Or Rhodesy. Or Rosie. Or Rhodey....I've had them all :)

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I build honest connections and collaborations with other creatives, businesses and individuals. My value is seeing people clearly and bringing THAT OUT OF THEM. It's imperative to deeply understand you and your brand; I ask a lot of questions. To me, my camera is a tool to lift people up, to empower people in what they’re doing and how they feel: whether it’s a wedding, a commercial shoot or a portrait session. It’s all about the people and the connection.

I have a unique combination of a Fine Art Degree; with years of fashion and brand experience rolled into one. My work reflects this with its honest expressive and engaging imagery that communicates the essence of the brand, couple or individual. 

I strive to seek balance within my photographs; my shoots are fun, relaxed  balance: like a vodka martini with smashed avocado toast. Yoga in the morning and dancing in the evening. To me the best work is produced when we are well-fed, relaxed and open; we will work hard, enjoy the work.  



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I’m a free spirit, country girl at heart and I grew up rolling around in hay and exploring the great outdoors. 

I love gold because it’s the best colour (I have a gold tattoo). Gold is shiny and sparkly, and means that you want to win at life. 

Yoga is a big part of my life and has really helped my manage my own mental health and development - it cultivates an open heart and ability to be present and to connect to yourself and others which is really important in my work. Plus it makes me fit enough to carry a camera around all day and climb on things. I LOVE music. My playlists consist of everything from drum and bass, to old school r’n’band, chilled electro and a spot of Disney sountracks.

The thing that I’m most proud of in my life is my family and friends; they’re the most mega bunch of people. You, your passion and your relationships is what fuels my work. I’ve been lucky enough to have some incredible role models that have inspired me to be genuine, honest (sometimes too honest) and comfortably weird. 

I’m an enthusiastic explorer and have lived in Canada, Australia, Leeds and London. I currently live in Moseley, Birmingham - which is where the Rhodes family originates. I LOVE Birmingham. I love Brummies. I love their modest gold-ness. It’s a really exciting city that feels like it’s still finding itself, and it’s the first time I have felt settled.