Price Starting From £1300


This includes

  • A full day coverage with me, shooting from wedding prep until after the first dance (I'll stay until I've got enough vibrance from your dance floor!)
  • A 3rd wheel date with me, introductions, drinks, num nums & photos, creative brain storming. (Approx 15 artisically Digital photos included). 
  • At least 400 beautifully crafted images from your wedding day, available for you to download via your online gallery, share with your friends and family and on a USB stick. 
  • Travel and accommodation within the UK.

Or upgrade


This includes all of the above plus....

A 5-10 minute photo film to watch with music  with a glass of wine for ever more, delivered on your USB. 

A second shooter to help capture even more lovely coverage from your day. This adds 200 additional beautifully crafted images to your online wedding album.

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Selected dates only. 

1 x photographer (me!)

5 hours coverage

250 + images downloadable by online gallery

travel & accommodation within an hour of Birmingham

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spirited, natural, vibrant 

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romantic, beautiful, relaxed

Why Choose Me? 

  • I only offer a limited number of weddings. I am so lucky that I really do attract only the most top notch couples that are relaxed, vibrant, natural and radiate all the love, magic and glitter that makes my heart (and my camera) SING.
  • We will meet before the day, I will be excited and passionate getting to know you both and your wedding and offer you some support. This is included in your package, we will have something delicious to drink/eat and take some photos of you both for you to keep and just get comfortable with each other. 
  • We will set up a Watsap and/or email, so I am easily on hand to throw ideas around before the BIG celebration. I encourage for your to share Pinterest boards, images and things you're just mega excited about before the day...because I'm excited too!
  • I am flexible and relaxed and we can slowly cultivate a way of working that will sit perfectly with your day and your plans as that takes shape. Will will look at your schedule for the day and weave the photography around your timings. 
  • I get it. I have an amazing bunch of friends and family, who are ALL about the LOVE, REAL, SPIRITED, VIBRANCE that makes a wedding day glitter. I would want some informal formals to ensure my nearest and dearest are captured but mainly I would want someone to step back and capture how the day felt and all the funny little things that happen along the journey. 
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real, honest, documentary


love, good vibes, bromance 

Your day.

I work from getting ready until the dancing, which is approximately 10 hours of shooting. I will stay until I am happy that I have captured the day. 

I am happy to do some organised photographs, but suggest no more than 5. The time adds up and you will want to enjoy your day. It's a good way to ensure you keep the folks happy and the way I do these is fairly quick, relaxed and informal. 

During the day I obviously capture many beautiful natural moments of the two of you but it's worth thinking about stealing a moment away from the hustle and bustle to share a moment away from the crowd. Many couples enjoy the chance to breathe and touch base.  

After the day. 

After the day I will provide you with approximately 20 of my favourite photographs from the day within ten days of the wedding. You can share these as you wish. I then commit to having the rest edited within 6 weeks of the wedding. 

I also take this opportunity to share your day on my website and Instagram, as long as this is something you are happy to support. I am ALWAYS willing to discuss this.

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Prints can be ordered and paid for directly through your online gallery. I work with a professional printing company who deliver unrivalled quality prints. They will ensure that the print colour is matched to how they have been beautifully edited for screen and it really is worth paying a little extra for top quality photographs. 

I LOVE LOVE love their Giclée fine art prints and always encourage couples to get at least 2/3 of their favourite moments printed & framed to be part of their married lives (and they make perfect wedding gifts). 

A little bit about me…..

I studied Fine Art at Leeds University, love travelling, meeting new people and creating curious and beautiful things. I am currently based in Birmingham but have lived in Canada, London and Australia. I love yoga, movies, music and vodka martinis!

If this is all music to your ears, then I’m excited. Let’s arrange to chat. You can see the contract and agreement with T&Cs too which you will need to fill in

Please feed me! I will generally take a break when you are all eating and appreciate a hot meal and a chance sit down for an hour.

What's next?

Sound like a match? Then lets book it in. Confirm all the details, time & places, any extras and then I can pop an agreement in the post and I take a 25% deposit for the day. Give me a call or drop me an email if you have any other questions. 

You have a date with me to use how you wish, whether it's an engagement shoot soon, or a practice shoot no less than a month before the wedding or just a drink and chin wag....I'll look forward to meeting you both. 

Best of wishes, Laura xx

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